International HIV/AIDS Alliance, one of the largest global HIV/AIDS combating charities, required a new fundraising campaign to raise the profile of the charity within the UK, collect vital donations and help promote safe sex. Bluefrog came up with the risqué concept of the wecometogether.org website along with a groundbreaking national TV advertisement shown on Channel 4 and ITV. The advertisement directed donors to the site and allowed them to donate to the charity and send a special gift to a loved one along with a personalised message.


As the lead developer I created a robust web platform from scratch within the Codeigniter PHP framework and built the engaging frontend. The site integrates with various payment facilities including Paypal and Stripe and utilises an optional Facebook Login to pre-populate forms and allow gift recipients to be chosen from their friends list.


The physical stock and orders are tracked firstly by the internal MySQL database and then by integrating directly with the mailing house using their SOAP API, each gift is automatically added to the mailing house stock control system and tracked through to completion.

Notifications and updates are sent directly to the donor at various stages throughout the order. There is no day to day administration required to run the site as it is automated from start to finish.


We knew that most of the initial traffic would come from the TV advert so we had to prepare the site for any device that the viewer may have to hand at that moment, this included mobiles, tablets and desktops. I used the Foundation 4 CSS framework in SASS (SCSS/Compass) along with a sprinkle of CSS3 animations to create a dynamic and exciting experience for everyone on any device. A large spike of traffic was anticipated as the ads were shown so the site and assets were optimised and minified in readiness.


At the time of writing the site has had upwards of 80,000 visits including a peak of almost 7,000 visits from a Steven Fry tweet, the ad has had over 270,000 views on youtube and counting. Average gift value for the campaign is currently over £19.