Lendwithcare.org is a mircofinancing initiative put together by CARE international and Bluefrog London. Business owners and entrepreneurs in third-world countries can request small loans via Lendwithcare partners in their countries. Approved loans are then shown on the website and any member of the public can contribute to fund the entrepreneur. Loans are are repaid interest free on a monthly basis and distributed to the lenders, they can then use their repaid money to invest in more entrepreneurs around the world. The aim of the site is help small businesses grow with solid interest free funding which will in turn allow more local employment and improve the overall economy of the country.

The whole process from adding loans through to funding and repaying is carried out via the bespoke site with automated processes. The site also includes a comprehensive administration area which allows partners in foreign countries to track their loans and process payments as well as giving local CARE employees access to reporting and general site administration features. The site is growing rapidly and currently has a user base of over 15,000 users which have funded over 5,000 entrepreneurs with more then £2.5 million worth of loans.