The Lab...


Welcome to the lab

Welcome to the Lab, here I showcase all the experiments and public projects I have been working on. From Javascript plugins through to PHP snippets. Most of the public work I've done is up on my Github account.

Snippets Library

This is a little snippets library that I created as an experiments into Angular.js and various other javascript 'MVC' frameworks. I use the library to keep track of some the code snippets that I've created, all the snippets are searchable, sortable and taggable. Feel free to browse around it.


RespringBoard is a responsive jQuery plugin inspired by the Apple iOS SpringBoard folder reveal system and the layout used in Google images and itunes.

RespringBoard allows you to create a layout with clickable items of any height and width, once as item is clicked RespringBoard will calculate how many items are in the row and reveal the additional information (could be a summary or a draw folder like on the iOS) directly under the row, if the browser window is resized RespringBoard will calculate the items again and move the reveal under the row correctly making the plugin prefect for responsive designs and mobile layouts where you don't know the width of the browser window.

CodeIgniter Flexi Layout Library

The CodeIgniter Flexi Layout Library makes it easy to create more usable and manageable layouts. This library allows you manage multiple themes, multiple page templates (page layouts), partial view files and partial view data along with the setting and loading of your JavaScript, CSS and page meta data. The library allows you to manage your view files using a DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle.

PlainTasks Tomorrow Night Theme

Fed up of the default yellow PlainTasks theme for Sublime Text? Do you have a dark theme installed into sublime and are blinded whenever you look at your todo list?

Download a dark theme for PlainTasks that is based on the popular Phoenix Tomorrow Night Sublime Text theme