Boring legal stuff...


About Cookies.

I use cookies, below is a brief description of why I use cookies on this site and how it effects you. If you’re not interested (which I don’t blame you) feel free to browse the rest of the site in bliss. If you absolutely disagree with the use of cookies then by all means switch them off in your browser, heres some great advise on how to do that. By using this site with cookies enabled you are consenting to the use of cookies and I may place a cookie in your broswer. Its that simple.

Internal Cookies

Sometimes I may place a cookie on your browser to identify who you are. Now I’m not stalking you, I don’t track your movements around the web and I have no idea what you do on other sites etc. the cookie tells this website the next time you visit “Hey, look who’s back”. This allows me to pre-populate comments field so you don’t have to fill it in every time and I think you’ll agree that is a good thing!

External Cookies

I use Google Analytics, ahhh devil be gone! But seriously it’s not all that bad, I just record a few bits of information which helps me make the site better and faster, for example if I didn’t record a little bit of information I wouldn’t know if you were on a web browser or a mobile, using a mouse or your fingers, I wouldn’t be able to invest time into improving parts of the site which are most used, I’d be simply blind as to how people use the site. I am not using analytics to sell you stuff or invade your privacy I just want to make your experience even better and more engaging. If you don’t like the idea of sharing this information with me or anyone else can I suggest you exempt yourself from google analytics altogether?

If you have any questions about the way I use data and cookies please hello at creativeinflux dot co dot uk.