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Respringboard.js jQuery Plugin

Recently I had the need to recreate the clever content reveal layout used in the new iTunes 11 and the Google images design, there didn't appear to be anything in the jQuery community that could do the job and the approaches used by Google and iTunes were too heavyweight for what I was looking for. It was time to hit the drawing board and build a plugin for myself.

The result is Respringboard.js which is up on Github right now, named after one of the first appearance of this kind of design on the iOS app Springboard with one huge difference, it's completely responsive and adjusts to the size of the browser window making it prefect for desktops or mobile devices alike.


Using Safari development tools on your iPhone

There’s been a bit buzz around in the web development world for the last couple of years which you can’t possibly have missed, responsive design is everywhere and it looks like it here to stay. In fact when I redesigned this site responsive design was one of my main priorities.

The great thing about building responsive sites is that you can easily do the build in your normal development tools, IDE and browser. Just resizing the browser will replicate the width on a mobile or tablet device and you can always open the browser development tools to debug and find out whats going on.