Justin Mitchell...


I'm a web developer from Basingstoke near Reading.

I've been working on the web full time for over 12 years and in that time I have learnt an awful lot, creative influx is my little slice of the web where I can showcase some of the projects I've been working on along with blogging about experiments into new technologies and the tools I've been using.

I won't bore you with too many details of how I got into web development, have a look at my skills if you are interested in the languages I've been working with, and be sure to check out my toolkit for a small list of my favorite software and techniques.

Be sure to get in touch if you have a new project in mind.

Full Stack Developer

  • PHP OOP (MVC) 
  • Laravel, Codeigniter & CakePHP Frameworks 
  • Composer Package Management 
  • SQL (MySQL & SQLite) 
  • Apache Server Administration & Plesk 
  • SVN & GIT Version Control 
  • RESTful, oAuth & SOAP API Experience 
  • CMS - Wordpress & Drupal 

  •  HTML & HTML5
  •  CSS & CSS3
  •  SASS (SCSS) with Compass & LESS
  •  JavaScript & jQuery
  •  Responsive Design & Build
  •  Foundation & Bootstrap CSS Frameworks
  •  Grunt & Bower
  •  Javascript Frameworks - AngularJS

MVC Frameworks

I've have been working with various frameworks throughout my careers, currently with Laravel but in the past I have worked with Codeiginter, CakePHP along with others.